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Maytag JFI2089WES0 Parts List

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Item Part Info Price Order
1 12978080SQ Door, Left (stainless)
Special Order
2 W10187453 Bin, Upper Door
(Replaces: 12977401)
Special Order
3 WP67003637 Whirlpool Door, Dairy
(Replaces: 12804701SP)
4 WP67001279 Whirlpool Tray, Dairy
(Replaces: 12369502SP)
Special Order
5 WP67006313 Whirlpool Bin, Shelf (chiller Top)
(Replaces: 12945801SP)
Special Order
6 W11311945 Screw
(Replaces: 12990204)
7 67006901 Whirlpool Screw, Handle
(Replaces: 12991703)
8 W11378944 W11378944 Whirlpool Refrigerator Freezer Door Gasket
(Replaces: W10163898)
Special Order
9 WPW10298244 Handle, Door (stainless) (for Jfi2089wes0)
(Replaces: W10237393)
11 WP67006113 Mount, Handle
(Replaces: 13001201)
12 WP12840004 Bin, Shelf (gallon)
(Replaces: 12840004)
Special Order
13 WPW10287601 SEAL
(Replaces: 12999902)
14 WPW10151713 Mullion, Door (black)
(Replaces: 12722813B)
15 W11266639 Frame, Chiller (rear)
(Replaces: 12945601SP)
Special Order
16 WP67003639 WP67003639 Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Closer
(Replaces: 12028505B)
17 WP67007011 Stop, Door (black )
(Replaces: 12968202B)
18 W11266639 Frame, Chiller (front)
(Replaces: 12945501SP)
Special Order
19 67005954 Clip, Bushing Wire (left Door)
(Replaces: 12996601)
Special Order
20 WP67006312 DOOR, CHILLER
(Replaces: 12945701SP)
Special Order
21 WP98165 SCREW
(Replaces: 12990521)
22 WPW10214168 Nameplate (for Jfi2089wes0)
(Replaces: W10214168)
Special Order
23 12978079SQ Door, Right (stainless)
Special Order
24 W10187454 W10187454 Bin, Lower Door
(Replaces: 12977501)
Special Order
25 12962106 Waterline, Door
Special Order
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