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Burner Orifice Spuds - For Higher Elevations (drawing 2 Of 2) (natural Gas Models)   |   Back to Common Parts

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Item Part Info Price Order
1 D503781 N.g. Orifice (comment: 22,500 Btu; 10,000 Feet (3050 M) And Higher)
Special Order
D503780 N.g. Orifice (comment: 22,500 Btu; 9000-9999 Feet (2740-3049 M))
No Longer Available
D503779 N.g. Orifice (comment: 22,500 Btu; 8000-8999 Feet (2440-2739 M))
Special Order
58719 Screw Orifice (comment: 22,500 Btu; 6000-7999 Feet (1830-2439 M))
No Longer Available
D503778 N.g. Orifice (comment: 22,500 Btu; 3000-5999 Feet (915-1829 M))
Special Order